Learning Centers

Three air-conditioned learning centers with a controlled environment and audio-visual equipment facilitate an efficient and effective teaching-learning process, enabling understanding and retention of concepts and information which will enhance student’s performance academically and in their careers beyond.

Training Kitchen

The students would be introduced to elementary culinary skills in the Training Kitchen. They would have the opportunity to work individually, familiarizing themselves with pre-preparation procedures, methods of cooking and basic recipes in International cuisine that will provide them with a strong foundation in culinary expertise


The Bakery serves the purpose of training students to learn the intricacies of time, temperature and methods to craft varieties of bread & selections of biscuits.


The Confectionery is an outlet for mastering the art of patisserie. Students acquire skills for concocting delicious desserts, cakes and cake decorations, creating chocolates and innovating.

Training Restaurants

Our Operating Restaurants in our Domain Hotel & Spa provide an environment for our students to train in the food techniques, beverage operations and guest service at one of the finest restaurants in Bahrain (Imari & Le Sauvage). The Restaurant is meticulously designed and stocked with complimenting equipment and service ware.

Learning Resources Center (Library)

Our Learning Resources Center has a catalogued collection of a variety of information and knowledge resources available to students for reference. This is complemented by digital access to information via computer terminals with internet connection.

Spacious Lockers

Spacious lockers have been provided by the school to students for their personal use.

Banquet Hall

A Banquet hall adds tremendous efficacy and escalates the impression of the Institute when college events, large scale seminars, screenings, cultural events and specialist guest lecturers from the hospitality industry are to be hosted.