About Us

About GICA

We at Gulf Institute of Culinary Arts Training (GICA) believe in developing individuals and inspire our students to act virtuously. It is our aim to nurture and instil good values and provide “a cut above the rest” career opportunities that would help students compete with the ever-growing demands of the culinary industry.

At the threshold of this new academic year, filled with hope and dreams of scaling new heights, we wish new aspirants all the best hoping that they make the most of the resources made available to them and emerge as successful and professional chefs.

Our programs are designed to give students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and capabilities in the culinary industry and gain higher education which can accelerate their career progression. Through their choice of pathway, the students will be exposed to a variety of in-depth knowledge of all parts of culinary and hospitality studies. From personal grooming to becoming an aspiring entrepreneur, analysis of case studies and business concepts to develop the knowledge and competencies required for a successful career in the culinary industry and wider business sectors. With our agenda of integrating head and heart, we hope to reform, create and develop systems that prepare our wards to work in a borderless economy and live in a global society. Hard work, dedication and perseverance are the most important traits in a person that leads to success. The future belongs to you, and may we be the guiding angels in your path of success.


To provide quality Culinary Education and programs for both Bahraini and expat students, making G.I.C.A. the leading Culinary School of the region.


To create a platform and incubator that delivers the best Chefs and Culinary Enthusiasts in the region.

About ACOT

Established in 2007, ACOT is a registered Training Organization that offers provision of accredited training and assessment courses in the Kingdom of Bahrain through GICA, where GICA is a campus for ACOT.
The curriculum ensures that each students is enrolled and taught under the strict compliance standards mandated by ASQA and other legislation that governs the training and assessment of international students. To learn more about ACOT,click here.

The Board

We at Gulf Institute of Culinary Arts Training (GICA) believe in developing individuals and inspire our students to act virtuously. It is our aim to nurture and instil good values and provide “a cut above the rest” career opportunities that would help students compete with the ever-growing demands of the Hotel and Tourism industry.

The Team

Chef Alexander Rappl

Born and raised in Bavaria, Germany, Chef Alexander started his career in a family owned hotel in his home town. After his three years of apprenticeship, he later on worked as a Chef in restaurants, small and big hotels, and in catering companies in several countries around Europe. Chef Alexander even had the opportunity to work with former Michelin Star Chefs. He moved to Bahrain to join the award-winning restaurant Masso as a Sous Chef under Chef Susy Massetti. After several years of working at Masso, Chef Alexander wanted to go to the next step and lead and run a kitchen by himself. He saw that opportunity at Gallery 21. After 17 successful years in the industry, he decided to join Gulf Institute of Culinary Arts to help guide the next generation of young Chefs with his skills, knowledge and wisdom.

Chef Manal AlFaez

Born and raised in Bahrain, Chef Manal attended the renown Le Cordon Bleu in Istanbul, Turkey and acquired the Grand Diploma in both cuisine and in pastry. Yearning to learn more, she has then moved to Switzerland to attend B.H.M.S., a university in Lucerne and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts Management. Receiving a once in a lifetime opportunity in The Ritz Carlton, she has then moved to the USA to work in both Arizona and Colorado. After years of international experience and working with great chefs, Chef Manal has then returned to Bahrain to work at the Gulf Hotel to reconnect with her native cuisine. She has joined the GICA team in November of 2020, and since then, has been sharing the wealth of her knowledge and experience to the next generation of chefs in the making.​

The Facility

Learning Centers

Three air-conditioned learning centers with a controlled environment and audio-visual equipment facilitate an efficient and effective teaching-learning process, enabling understanding and retention of concepts and information which will enhance student’s performance academically and in their careers beyond.

Training Kitchen

The students would be introduced to elementary culinary skills in the Training Kitchen. They would have the opportunity to work individually, familiarizing themselves with pre-preparation procedures, methods of cooking and basic recipes in International cuisine that will provide them with a strong foundation in culinary expertise.


The Bakery serves the purpose of training students to learn the intricacies of time, temperature and methods to craft varieties of bread & selections of biscuits.


The Confectionery is an outlet for mastering the art of patisserie. Students acquire skills for concocting delicious desserts, cakes and cake decorations, creating chocolates and innovating.

Training Restaurants

Our Operating Restaurants in our Domain Hotel & Spa provide an environment for our students to train in the food techniques, beverage operations and guest service at one of the finest restaurants in Bahrain (Imari & Le Sauvage). The Restaurant is meticulously designed and stocked with complimenting equipment and service ware.

Learning Resources Center (library)

Our Learning Resources Center has a catalogued collection of a variety of information and knowledge resources available to students for reference. This is complemented by digital access to information via computer terminals with internet connection.

Spacious Lockers

Spacious lockers have been provided by the school to students for their personal use.

Banquet Hall

A Banquet hall adds tremendous efficacy and escalates the impression of the Institute when college events, large scale seminars, screenings, cultural events and specialist guest lecturers from the hospitality industry are to be hosted.

Studio Kitchen

GICA offers a state of the art studio kitchen, aiming to revolutionize private cookouts, short courses and culinary shoots. From the contemporary design aesthetics to the latest kitchen equipment, it is noticeable that there is a careful consideration and craftsmanship that goes into every project, making the Studio Kitchen ideal for any culinary adventure. For more information, click here.